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Company ITC proposes a great range of services, including solutions for tasks of any complexity. We specialize in complex supply of electronic components, means of automation and industrial equipment of the world leading manufacturers.

Our specialists will propose you a working out, realization and technical support of projects in the fields of:

  • power engineering, electrical engineering and power electronics
  • production, storing and transportation of energy supply
  • machine-building, instrument-making, apparatus building
  • metallurgy

Professionalism, high qualification and responsibility of our company, confirmed by 20 years of working experience, guarantee long and reliable partnership with our customers, among which are such well-known companies as Gazprom, Gorky automobile plant (GAZ), Lukoil, Mosenergo, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (MMK) , Omutninsk metallurgical plant, Siboil, Transmashholding, UkrGas, Ural Steel and others.


EAO Series 84
Innovative illumination options for intuitive operation attractive, versatile and reliable.EAO Series 84 - Attractive, versatile and reliable.


Pentair introduces Schroff heat conductors for industry leading conduction cooling Performance
Conduction cooling is achieved by creating a direct thermal path from the processor to the external environmentthrough conductive material


ITC-Electronics is an authorized sales partner of Schroff
Moving forward, keeping to the plan for developing relationships with the manufacturing companies we have signed a dealer agreement with Schroff (Pentair Technical Solutions GmbH) this week


The sense of purpose is a basis for receiving successful orders!
Last week ITC-Electronics specialists visited a customer in Krasnoyarsk. The goal of the visit was a coordination of an offered technical solution as part of an order for manufacturing and delivery of an automatic ventilation control system. Results of this successful meeting were described in a corporate newsletter of the client company in the article Consensus is achieved.


New dual power supply module Lovato - ATL DPS1
ATL DPS1 is capable of measuring and controlling two auxiliary supply voltages at its inputs, designating the most ideal to connect to the output


Business seminar as part of Oktoberfest festival 2015
It is known that the Oktoberfest attracts about 6 million visitors from all parts of Bavaria and Germany as well as from other countries to Munich every year. The name Oktoberfest can be translated from German as Folk festival in October or it is also known as Wiesn (Bavarian dialect meadow). The festival has been entered into the Guinness Book as the world"s largest folk festival! .


ITC-Electronics is an official distributor of Weidmüllers products
The General Director of "Weidmüller" OOO has signed a Distributor Agreement with "ITC"Ko" and confirmed that it is an authorized trading partner.


KNX IP Controller Proven Concept for Building Automation on a New Level
KNX IP Controller Proven Concept for Building Automation Outstanding performance even for complex projects: The new KNX IP controller features several innovations including a faster processor and an SD card slot.


Economic Development

The Company ITC-Electronics exercising the rights
as the official partner delivers the product of the following producers:

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Wago Kontakttechnik
RTD Embedded Technologies

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