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Company ITC proposes a great range of services, including solutions for tasks of any complexity. We specialize in complex supply of electronic components, means of automation and industrial equipment of the world leading manufacturers.

Our specialists will propose you a working out, realization and technical support of projects in the fields of:

  • power engineering, electrical engineering and power electronics
  • production, storing and transportation of energy supply
  • machine-building, instrument-making, apparatus building
  • metallurgy

Professionalism, high qualification and responsibility of our company, confirmed by 20 years of working experience, guarantee long and reliable partnership with our customers, among which are such well-known companies as Gazprom, Gorky automobile plant (GAZ), Lukoil, Mosenergo, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (MMK) , Omutninsk metallurgical plant, Siboil, Transmashholding, UkrGas, Ural Steel and others.


ITC-Electronics has become an official partner of UNISEARCH, Canada.
ITC-Electronics has become an official partner of UNISEARCH, Canada. This gives ITC-Electronics an opportunity to sell, install, start-up and commissioning, and maintenance of laser gas analyzers from UNISEARCH. Based on LasiR multiplexing systems, it is possible to monitor up to 16 locations in the real-time mode.


EMC cabinets with built-in cooling
Electromagnetic interference protection and cabinet cooling are two factors that can adversely affect one another. For EM protection the cabinet should have as few openings as possible, whereas normal air cooling depends on a supply of cold air. For the Schroff Varistar EMC cabinets Pentair now offers a combination that allows for both: high EM protection and plenty of cold air for cooling. This is made possible by the special EMC concept of Schroff Varistar cabinets combined with the use of air/water heat exchangers from the Schroff LHX series. These offer cooling capacities of up to 40 kW within the cabinet.


ITC-Electronics offers UPS based on the hydrogen fuel cells. These systems have a set of irresistible benefits, such as the highest project flexibility, that gives an opportunity of modular extension solutions to support different ranges of backup energy.


BOPLA adds new sizes and accents to the BOCUBE series of enclosures
Four extra-flat enclosures, one large enclosure, and three new basic sizes are now part of the young BOCUBE range of products. As a new design feature, BOPLA also offers, on request, transparent plastic hinged catches.


19" Titan COTS VME64x system: for shock resistance levels up to 25 g
For rugged applications with enhanced shock and vibration resistance requirements, e.g. for use in mobile applications, Pentair has now developed a Schroff branded rugged system. This 19" VME64x system is mechanically based on the Schroff europacPRO type R subrack and can withstand shock loadings up to 25 g and vibrations up to 3 g.


Schroff Interscale M: the new enclosure for non-standardized PCBs
For over 50 years Pentair has been a market leader in modular 19" systems with its Schroff brand. With its current launch of the innovative new "Interscale" product family Pentair now also offers enclosures for non-standardized smaller form factors, so responding with a flexible platform solution to trends such as miniaturization and individualization. The first product of this family is the Interscale M case in metal. There are many areas of application for this case: e.g. as a fanless fieldbus enclosure, or for single-board computers or ARM modules, mobile diagnosis or therapeutic equipment for medical systems, PC-based point-of-sale (POS) systems, video monitoring for building services or peripheral control units for industrial applications.


Schroff Titan ATR Series Rugged System Family
For particularly high shock and vibration requirements of up to 40 g Pentair has developed the Schroff Titan ATR system family. Titan ATR system is based on modular 19″ subracks, which is an established platform for all levels of ruggedness up to about 25 g.


Schroff ServicePLUS customisation service
Pentair is promoting its Schroff ServicePLUS customisation service for subracks and cases. This service offers a series of options, which includes configuration, assembly, modification, etc. For the design of individual subracks and cases the modification and assembly services are of particular interest.

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