30 September 2019

ITC Electronics organized a seminar on experience exchange

Strategic planning seminar for clients Employees of ITC Electronics are always willing to share their experience in important issues for many companies.
We regularly conduct experience exchange seminars for our partners. The next seminar on Strategic planning was held in Munich on September 26-29.
Partners from different companies and industries gathered to discuss issues of work strategy, planning, IT-achievements to optimize the work process of employees and control over assigned tasks.
The seminar was timed to coincide with the famous worldwide holiday "Octoberfest", the center of which is Munich.
The trip consisted of business part and informal communication. Within the framework of the business part, the issues of the Company's strategy, the working system of the procurement department and the advantages of engineering services were discussed. Informal communication took place in the center of the holiday - on Teresa's meadow, where the seminar participants plunged into the Octoberfest atmosphere, the largest event in Europe.
The business seminar resulted in the planned large joint projects. This event was held for the Company employees and Partners in order to exchange positive work experience. We express our gratitude to everyone who took part in this seminar.